About Divisions and Groups

We offer a couple of different ways to categorize and work with employees within TeamSense using Divisions and Groups.



A Division is an internal segment of a company, not a separate entity. They're usually used to differentiate different regions that your company may be based. For example, you may work for a company that has locations in NYC and Atlanta, but you are in their NYC Division. Another major benefit to Divisions is allowing Division Admins, giving them a full Admin view of TeamSense but only for those employees in their Division.



A group is defined as a group within a company, which can also be within a division. Oftentimes these groups are named after departments to identify 'groups' of employees within each department. For example some common group names; Office, Accounting, Customer Service, Warehouse, Shipping, and Purchasing. Groups can be as unique as you want. One way this is done is by separating groups with divisions/locations, such as Warehouse - NYC or Sales - Atlanta.

Divisions VS Groups

When looking at groups and divisions, there are distinct differences. You can think of the division as the site, or location, where the employee works. As such, and employee can only be a part of one division. Groups can be anything that you would want to organize employees by. A common use is by department. An employee can be in as many groups as you would like!


Tip: If you have any questions or have trouble managing groups or divisions you can reach out to our Support Team at Support@TeamSense.com.