Add Employees to TeamSense

Need to add new team members to TeamSense? No problem. You can do so one by one through the Admin Dashboard, or our Support team can help import a list of employees into the system using your data.

Add Employees Through the Admin Dashboard


1. Click on the Employees Tab


2. Click on Add Employee


3. Fill out all required information


4. Click on Save Changes




Add Employees via an Imported Spreadsheet

If you are looking to add a large number of employees at one time, it's probably easiest to work with us to import a spreadsheet of employee information. Feel free to reach out to us and we'd love to help! We usually turn around typical imports within 24 hours (Mon-Fri).

When you do reach out, we will need you to provide us a spreadsheet with the following information:

Required fields:

  • Employee Name (first, last, and preferred name if any)
  • Unique Employee ID (If an employee does not have a unique ID number we are happy to assign a temporary ID for them)
  • Manager Name and ID
  • Division (if applicable)

Optional fields:

  • Employee 10-digit Mobile Number 
  • Employee Email
  • Notification Preference
  • Group


Add Employees via an Integration

An integration with your company's HRIS system means that as long as everything is set up accordingly, your employee information will automatically be synced between TeamSense, and wherever you're used to seeing your employees! Don't have an Integration? Reach out to us to get in touch with your Success Manager and see what it will take to get your Company going!