We know teams change all the time - so we made sure you can easily deactivate an employee.

Deactivating an employee removes their access to TeamSense and stops all their TeamSense notifications. The individual will no longer appear in the Employees page of the Admin Portal, nor on any mobile roster. However, we preserve that employee's full history with TeamSense in case you ever need it! You can always reach out to us regarding an employee's history at support@teamsense.com.

Deactivating an employee

1.  Starting from the Admin Portal Employees page, click on the name of the employee you would like to deactivate to navigate to that employee's record.

2.  You will see employee information on the left-hand side of their record, with a button to "Edit." Click on "Edit" to open up a window to edit the employee's record.

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3.  In the new window, you will see a link to "Deactivate" in the top-right-hand corner. Click on that link and follow the prompts!

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4.  Once you have confirmed the deactivation, you will be automatically taken back to the Employees page in the Admin Portal. 

If you ever need to re-activate an employee, reach out to us at support@teamsense.com.