TeamSense Admins can export survey responses to a .CSV file directly from the Admin Portal. Once you have downloaded the .CSV file, you can open it in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets, or most standard spreadsheet applications.

How to Export Survey Responses

1. From the Admin Portal  Dashboard, click on the Forms tab, and then click "Export Responses" to the right of the survey in question.

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2. Select the dates of survey responses you would like to export, and click "Export." 

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Your .CSV file will immediately start downloading! Note that a new web browser tab might open up momentarily, but should close on its own in a few seconds.


Which employees will appear in my .CSV?

Your .CSV file will include all employees to which you have administrative access. If you only have administrative access to a portion of your organization, you will not be able to see survey responses for employees outside of your purview.

Note that survey responses for employees who have been deactivated will still appear in this .CSV file. We retain all records for deactivated employees so you can rest assured knowing that data is always available.

What should I do if my .CSV download is taking too long?

Your .CSV file should download within a minute or two, but if you find it takes quite a long time you may want to try adjusting your dates to a shorter date range. The .CSV will capture every survey that was created during the date range you selected, and that adds up quickly. Just think - If you have 5,000 employees in TeamSense and try to export data for the last 30 days, the system is creating 150,000 rows of data for you! A smaller date range will speed up your download.

Which timezone is represented in the date and timestamps?

The dates and timestamps represent the timezone of the Admin who downloaded the .CSV file, not the timezone of the employees themselves.

Why are there cases where the "Survey completed" column is blank?

If the "Survey completed" column is blank, it means the employee did not complete that survey.

Why doesn't the "Survey status result" in my .CSV match the employee's status in their calendar?

The information shown in the "Survey status result" column shows whatever status the system assigned to the employee at the conclusion of their survey. It will not reflect any status edits you or other Admins may have made.

Why do I see a survey record with a result of "Alert" even though the employee responses indicate they should be "Clear"?

Alert statuses are a special type of status that will continue to persist until an Admin manually removes the Alert status for the employee. If the employee was in Alert status previous to starting their survey, they will still be in Alert status upon completing the survey even if their survey responses indicate they could be Clear. 

What if our organization has different survey questions for different employees?

The .CSV file will include columns for every question in all current surveys for your company. That means that if there is a question that only goes to a sub-set of employees, that column will simply appear blank for all employees who do not receive that question.

Why does my .CSV file have a column called "Other answers"?

The .CSV file only includes unique columns for every question in all  current surveys. In some cases, surveys have evolved significantly over time! If your organization used to include questions in a survey that have since been removed, the answers to these questions will appear in "Other answers."