Introducing - Reminders! 

You can now add up to three reminders to each of your Forms at specified intervals - from an hour up to 4 weeks! From the Forms tab, it’s easy to click on a form and access the new feature. Once set, Reminders will then automatically alert your team if they have not yet completed a form that they have received. Only employees who have received the form but have not completed it before the indicated time has passed will receive the notification.

Setting Form Reminders

1. Go to the Forms Tab of the Admin Dashboard

2. Find the Form to Which You Would Like To Add One or More Reminders

When you've found the Form, click on the row in the table to pull up the Form’s page.

Image Placeholder

3. Click on the “Add Reminder” Button.

Image Placeholder

4. Choose a Time From the Drop Down.

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This determines how long after the Form is sent that the employee will receive their reminder. Don’t worry, employees will only get reminders for Forms that they have received but have not completed!

5. Click “Set Reminder”.

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That’s all there is to it! You can set up to three reminders for a single survey or edit and delete your set reminders by clicking on them.