Forms in TeamSense can have recurring schedules, which automatically send out a Form at a specified recurring date and time. These schedules enable organizations to engage on a regular basis with employees - whether for monthly pulse surveys or daily COVID-19 screening or whatever else you can imagine!

If you are looking to send a Form one time without a recurring schedule, check out this article instead: Send a form to Employees.

Create a new recurring Form Schedule

1. Go to the Forms tab of the TeamSense Admin Dashboard

2. Click on the Form you wish to Schedule

3. Click on Add Schedule

4. Set a descriptive name for your Schedule

It's helpful to include details here if this schedule is for a specific site, a specific team, or a specific shift. That will make your list of schedules much easier to scan and navigate in the future!

5. Select a cadence of recurrence, and specify additional details to determine dates and times

Select a basic cadence of Monthly, Weekly, or Daily.

Depending on your choice, you will be presented with additional details:

  • Monthly: You can choose between sending on a specific date (e.g., the 10th of every month) or on a "fixed" schedule (e.g., the 2nd Wednesday of every month)
  • Weekly: You can specify which days of the week, as well as the time of day for each.
  • Daily: You will need to specify the time of day

6. Choose the Schedule Recipients

You can select the entire company, individual Employees, specific Groups, Divisions, or a combination of choices.

šŸ“£ There are a few special caveats regarding recipients:
  • If a Form is anonymous, you will not have the option to create a schedule for individual employees - that would defeat the purpose of an anonymous form!
  • COVID-19 Screening Forms can only be scheduled for collections of individual employee (not by Company, Division, or Group). This is due to the fact that many employees are currently on specialized recurring schedules, and enabling schedules for the entire Company, Division, or Group would likely result in an employee receiving duplicate COVID-19 Screening Forms. In addition, we have added special functionality for COVID-19 Screening Forms to ensure an individual employee can only be on one recurring schedule: If you add an individual to a new COVID Form Schedule, they will automatically be removed from any others they were in.

7. Don't forget to save!