The Portal in TeamSense is a one-stop-shop to easily connect your employees to important information and resources, for example:

  • Your benefits login ⚕️
  • Your payroll login ✉️
  • Company news 📰
  • Company job board 👷🏾
  • Important policies (e.g., employee handbook, code of conduct, etc.) 📁
  • Forms (e.g., safety incidents, absences, feedback, etc.) 📝
  • Whatever else you can think of! 💡

How can employees access the Portal?

Employees can access the Portal by texting the word TeamSense to their company's TeamSense phone number. They will immediately receive back a link to the Portal, with a list of the Portal links and forms that have been set up for your company.

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How do I create links in the Portal?

If you are a company-wide administrator in TeamSense, you have direct access to create, edit, and delete links in the Portal.

✨Protip: If you need to share files or documents, try uploading the document to a site you can share it from. If your company uses Sharepoint, Google Drive, or something similar, you can easily create links to the file to share in your Portal!

To create a link in the Portal:

1. Go to the Portal tab

From within the desktop dashboard, click on Portal." (You will only see this tab available to you if you are a company-wide administrator)

2. Click "Add Portal Link"

In the top-right corner, click on "Add Portal Link."

3. Enter the URL

Enter the web address of the site to which you want to link. Don't forget to include https:// at the beginning!

4. Select your access

Here you can choose if you want all employees in the company to have access to this Portal link.

5. Select the Division

This lets you choose if you want just a certain Division to have access to this Portal link.

6. Add a display name

Add a display name (e.g., "Benefits Login") - this is what employees will see when they open up the Portal.

If your organization has multiple languages set up in TeamSense, you will have the option to add a different display name for each language (e.g., "Benefits Login" in English and "Beneficios Iniciar Sesión" in Spanish).

 TeamSense tip: You can include emojis in your display name as long as they are Unicode characters (not an image). To use Unicode emojis for TeamSense, copy the Unicode emojis from websites like or and paste them into TeamSense.

7. Save

Don't forget to save by clicking Confirm. That's it! You've added your link to your Portal. To see what it looks like, try texting TeamSense into one of our numbers and you'll see what employees will see!

How do I edit or delete links in the Portal?

1. Select an entry

Click on a Portal link that you wish to edit or delete.

2. Make your changes

Make changes to any part of the Portal link including the URL, who can access it, or how it's displayed in various languages.

3. Delete a link

To delete a Portal link, click "Delete link" in the upper right and confirm your choice.