Admins can use the TeamSense Communicate feature to create and send messages to their employees - from safety reminders and leadership announcements to sharing new policies or employee recognition. This article will walk you through how to create and send a message to your employees.

1. Go to TeamSense

Visit the Communicate Tab on the Admin Dashboard

2. Click on Create

3. Choose your recipients

Select whether you are sending this message to the entire company, or some subset of employees.

4. Write your message

Enter a Subject and fill out the content of your message. Remember to follow some of our best practices outlined here: Optimizing Text Delivery for Communicate Messages

5. Preview the message

If needed, you can send yourself the message to preview what it will look like before it goes out to your employees.

6. Schedule the Message

Want to send this message out at a later time? Check the "Schedule Message" box and fill out when you want it sent!

7. Click Send!


This column displays the Status of a message.

  • If the message is scheduled for a future date, it will say "Scheduled".
  • If it is meant to be sent right away but is waiting on our system to process it, it will say "Pending".
  • Once the message has successfully sent, it will say "Sent"

Employees not receiving messages from TeamSense? Find out more information here!