SMS (Text) Keywords Recognized by TeamSense

TeamSense is built around access via text, and designed so that employees can text certain keywords into our "short" phone number (59230), and TeamSense will send back specific information or surveys in return. Check out some keywords recognized by TeamSense below.

Some Keywords Currently Recognized by TeamSense

✏️  Note that these keywords are not case-sensitive (it won't matter what mix of upper and lower case you use), but they do need to be spelled correctly for us to recognize them! 

COVID-19 Symptom Screening Keywords 


These keywords provide access to an employee's regular COVID-19 symptom screening survey.

Absence Form Keywords

Absent, Absence, Sick, Call Off, Off, Out

These keywords provide access to the organization's absence (or "call-off") form, which enable employees to report unexpected absences via TeamSense.

Keywords FAQs:

Do all these keywords work for all companies? How can my company set up one of these keywords?

It's possible that your company hasn't set up every keyword in TeamSense. Feel free to try a keyword to see - we'll text you back and let you know if your company hasn't yet set it up!

If you are an administrator and would like to set up new functionality in TeamSense (e.g., an absence form), reach out to us and we're happy to help!

Still need help? How can we help? How can we help?