Manage Employee Statuses

About employee statuses

The "status" of an employee is a label that describes the employee's current state in TeamSense.

TeamSense currently supports four employee statuses:

  • Clear: An employee is considered Clear if their survey responses indicate no risk for exposure or symptoms of COVID-19. Clear status is temporary and only lasts for a maximum of 24 hours from when the employee received their survey link.
  • Alert: An employee is in Alert status if their survey responses suggest they are at risk for exposure or symptoms of COVID-19. Alert status lasts indefinitely and can only be changed through direct editing by a company administrator. This is an important safety mechanism to ensure an employee cannot declare themselves Clear without administrator involvement.
  • Time Off: Organizations use Time Off status for a variety of scenarios: vacation, sick leave, extended leave such as; FMLA, etc... When an employee is in Time Off status, he/she/they will not receive survey link notifications from TeamSense.
  • Remote: Some organizations include a question in their survey on whether an employee is working from home. If so, that employee can be in "Remote" status for the remainder of the day. Note that not all organizations use Remote status, but it will appear in TeamSense for every company, regardless of whether the company uses it or not.

If an employee is not in any of these four statuses, their status is considered " Unknown."

An employee's status can change based for two possible reasons:

  • An employee's survey responses can change their current status.
  • A company administrator can directly edit an employee's status within the TeamSense web portal.

Edit employee status: Clear, Alert, Unknown


Navigate to the Admin portal Employees page, search for the employee, and Click on their status


In the Edit Status window, use the drop-down to select the employee's new status.

If appropriate, add a note to document your reason for the status change.

* We particularly recommend adding a note if you are editing an employee's status from Alert to Clear or vice versa. Like all notes, these will be maintained in the employee's record and are accessible to all company administrators who have access to that employee's record. For more information about notes, see our article on notes.

Click "Confirm" to finalize the status edit and the employee's status will be immediately updated.

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