Create, Edit & Delete Notes About Employees

Company administrators can make free-form notations within an employee's record so they can store all their information regarding that employee's status in one place.

Notes created by any administrator are viewable and editable by all other administrators who have access to the given employee's record.

Using Notes:


From within the TeamSense web portal, click on an employee to navigate to that employee's details page. Click on the link for "Notes."


You will see all notes that have been created regarding this employee to-date. To edit or delete an existing note, click on the icons displayed at the bottom of each note.

To create an entirely new note, click the button in the top-left to "Create New Note."

You may notice that not all Notes have a "Delete" icon, which is an indication of a special type of note that is only created when a status is edited:

When an administrator edits a status there is an opportunity to add a note, as shown below.

These notes are included in the list of all notes about an employee, but because they are a part of an important record (editing a status), they are not available for deletion. You can still edit these notes, however, should you need to do so.

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