Screening Visitors

TeamSense can screen visitors as well as employees, so you can keep all your screening information in one place.

To enable visitor functionality, please contact us.

Visitors can access screening from your organization


Visitors can navigate to your specific visitor survey experience by scanning your unique TeamSense QR code for visitors OR by navigating to, clicking on the button for "Visitor Check-In," and entering your unique 7-letter code.


Follow the prompts to complete the survey!

Administrators can access visitor log and instructions in the Dashboard

If an organization has enabled visitor functionality for their company, their company administrators will see two additional buttons in the top right corner of the Dashboard page:

  • Visitor Instructions provides instructions on how to screen visitors. This includes a print-out page which can be posted at your entrance and has your location's unique visitor code.
  • Visitor Log maintains a history of all visitors who have started a screening with TeamSense (even if they did not finish it).

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