Introduction to the Employee Roster & Status Notifications

What is the Employee Roster?

The employee roster is a list of employees and their current status in real-time. If your organization has selected you to receive an employee roster, you should receive a link to your roster each day by text and/or email. All roster links expire after 24 hours for security purposes. 

Note that once you open your roster, it does not currently auto-refresh, so you may need to refresh the page throughout the day to get the latest data!

What are Status Notifications?

If you receive an employee roster, you automatically also receive Status notifications, which are additional messages that are immediately sent to you if an employee on your roster changes status through an absence form or COVID-19 symptom screening survey.

Attendance status notifications: If an employee enters any absence status through an absence form, a notification will be sent that includes the name of the employee and their status.

COVID-19 status notifications: If an employee enters C19 Alert status through their responses to a form or survey, a notification will be sent that includes the name and number of the employee for follow-up.

Who Receives an Employee Roster & Status Notifications?

Each organization chooses who receives an employee roster, and which names are represented on a given roster.

Typically, organizations set up TeamSense so that managers receive a roster that includes their direct reports. It is also common for organizations to set up TeamSense so select leaders and administrators receive rosters that include all employees.

If you're in Time Off you will not receive scheduled notifications but you would still receive unscheduled notifications and anything from Communicate. In other words, you will not receive scheduled health surveys, scheduled screener links, scheduled rosters, or other scheduled surveys, but you will receive Alert/Attendance notifications and any message via Communicate.

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