Send a Message to Employees

Admins can use the TeamSense Communicate feature to create and send messages to their employees - from safety reminders and leadership announcements to sharing new policies or employee recognition. This article will walk you through how to create and send a message to your employees.

*This is a beta feature - please let us know your feedback by sending us an email!

From the Admin Portal  Dashboard, click on the Communicate tab, and then the " Create" button.

Select your message Recipients from the drop-down.
In the early version of this beta feature, you will be able to select to send to the entire company, or to a specific division. If your company uses divisions in TeamSense, you will only be able to send a message to divisions for which you are an Administrator.

Craft your Subject and the Message itself, and keep in mind of a couple things:
  • The Subject will only be seen by employees who receive your message via email (i.e., employees who have their TeamSense notification preference set to "Email") 
  • Keep it short and sweet! Most employees receive messages from TeamSense via text, so you only have 160 characters to express yourself (the maximum length of a standard text).*
  • You can test out your message by clicking Send myself a preview, which will deliver your drafted message to your preferred contact method in TeamSense (text or email).

 ✏️ * Pro-tip: If you're sharing a link that is forcing you over 160 characters, try using a free URL shortening service, like Bitly.

Send your message now ( Send now) or Schedule it to be sent at a future date/time!

Send message now

Schedule message for later

Once you've sent/scheduled your message, it will show up in the appropriate list in your Communicate tab, where you can refer to it in the future:

And there you go! Nice work keeping your team in the loop! 🙌

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