Why Does My Roster Show the Yesterdays Date for My Employees?

If you find your employees showing the day prior on your roster, instead of the current day there could be a couple of reasons for this:

  1. The roster may be set to a schedule that is prior to employee check-in time, which will show prior days check-in.
  2. Alternatively the roster page may just need to be refreshed.

We can do a couple of things to fix this:

  1. Reach out and let us know you need to have roster schedule changed to a time to after the employee(s) check-in times are set.
  2. Refresh the screen through the check-in times for employees.  You may have to do this multiple times to ensure you're seeing all your employees through their scheduled check-in.

Don't worry!  We are working on auto-refresh as an option in the near future!

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