Company Administrators have the ability to authorize individuals within the company to temporarily input data on behalf of other employees through Screener functionality.

This feature was designed for COVID-19 Screeners who stand at the entrance and ask employees screening questions as they enter. Screener functionality does NOT give access to any historical survey responses or other data about employees.

Many organizations use this feature to enter data on behalf of individuals who do not have smartphones, often sending the Screener link to a manager or administrator to enter data on the employees behalf.

How to authorize an employee to use Screener functionality for the day:

1. As a Company Administrator, navigate to the Dashboard page in the TeamSense Admin Portal.

2. Click on the button to "Screen Employees."

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3. Use the search box to select the individual you would like to authorize as a Screener, and click "Send." This individual will immediately be sent a text message with a unique Screener link that will enable them to enter data on behalf of other employees for 24 hours (see the next section for more details on how to use a Screener link).

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How to use a Screener link as an authorized Screener:

1. You have received a Screener link via text - now what?

Tap the link, review the instructions, and tap, "I Agree." You will immediately be taken to a search bar, with which, you can search across all employees in your organization that are in the TeamSense database.

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2. Search for and select the employee's name you wish to screen. You should immediately enter the survey for that employee and can fill out the survey on their behalf.

In the event the employee has already responded to their survey for the day, clicking on their name in the search will simply bring up the employee's result screen: Clear or Alert.

3. Once you have submitted the survey for the employee, you will see a "Start Over" button. Tapping that button will take you back to the search bar to screen others as needed.