Need to request a survey or form from TeamSense? No problem - we've got you covered with a few different ways to do that. 

Request a survey / form via text:

1. From your mobile phone, open a text message to your company's TeamSense phone number. You can open an existing text conversation with us (perhaps we already sent you some forms or messages) or open a new text entirely.

2. Text us a keyword we will respond! If we recognize you and your keyword, we will send back your associated survey or form.

Request a survey / form via webpage:

1. Use your web browser to navigate to and click on the button that says "Employee Check-in."

2. Enter your contact info (either mobile number;  OR your email, whichever you have been using with TeamSense) and click "Send my check-in." If we recognize your contact info, we will immediately send you any surveys or forms that are available to you in TeamSense. 

Not receiving message from TeamSense or lost/changed your phone? Find out how to remedy that here!