If you run into a situation where you or your employee(s) receive two texts, we do apologize for the inconvenience but please don't worry!  This means our backup system is working to ensure that you get your texts no matter what. 

What do we mean by our backup system?

We have one main system that provides text messaging services, but there are times, like with any kind of technology, where there may be a service interruption.  This can be anything from a network issue, a carrier issue, or simply even a delay of no specific cause.  

How does it work?

When something causes a delay in texts from our main texting system that extends beyond 30-40 minutes, that triggers our backup system to send the text that couldn't be sent in time from our main texting system. We definitely want to make sure you're not left wondering why you didn't receive anything.

What should I do?

Not to worry!  Unless you get more than two texts in a day or have an issue receiving multiple texts for several days in a row, just fill out the survey as usual.  If you are receiving an excessive number of texts in a day or for several days, please notify your manager.  You may also contact us at support@teamsense.com and we're always happy to help!