Introduction to TeamSense for Employees

👋 Welcome aboard! At TeamSense, we're all about empowering hourly workers and their leadership to be more connected and productive than ever before. So what does that look like? Here's a quick overview of TeamSense for employees.

How does TeamSense work?

TeamSense connects employers and their employees via email and/or text. What's so great about that? 

  • First, it means you don't have to download an app (let's be honest, we don't need any more apps). 
  • Second, we use your cell phone number or email to identify you - that means you don't have to memorize passwords.

What can TeamSense do?

Well, it depends on how your employer chooses to use TeamSense - but here are a few examples:

Send messages 📢

Employers can use TeamSense to send mass messages to employees - to teams, sites, or even the whole company. You might receive messages on anything from a reminder about shift overtime to the announcement of a new policy to a celebratory message on a job well done to hit annual shipment goals. 


Track absences 🗓️

Some employers use TeamSense to track unscheduled absences or call-offs. If your employer uses this feature, you can text "Absent" to your company's TeamSense phone number and immediately receive an absence form. Completing the absence form will immediately notify your manager of your absence (and you don't need to track down your manager's phone number!).


Send surveys or forms 📋

Organizations can send surveys and forms to employees via TeamSense. You might see forms on employee feedback or pulse surveys, on your preferred hours for shift assignments, on lunch options in the cafeteria - anything you can think of! 

Some companies also set up TeamSense so you can request certain forms on-demand by texting in a keyword - for example, texting us the word "Safety" might return a Safety Incident Report Form for you to fill out.


Share company information & resources ⚙️

Finally, organizations can set up an information portal in TeamSense, with links to helpful company resources like your benefits website or payroll website or employee handbook. If your employer has set this up, you can text the word "TeamSense" into your company's TeamSense phone number to see what resources are available.


How do I sign up for TeamSense?

We're glad you asked! If your employer is using TeamSense, you might already be in the TeamSense system. One way to find out:

  1. Text "Start" to your company's TeamSense phone number. 
  2. If we recognize your phone number, we will respond with a message that includes your name. If we don't recognize your number, don't fret - you might still be in the system, but we simply don't know your phone number! You'll see a message that says: "Oops, we don't recognize your number. No problem! To continue, tap the link below."
  3. Tap the link and provide your employee ID (this is your company-provided employee ID - it might be a badge number, or the number in your company's HR system, or a seniority number - whatever your company uses as a unique identifier for employees). It's possible we will ask for the name of your company, as well. Once you've verified that, you'll be on your way!
  4. If we still don't recognize you after you enter your information, you are probably not in the TeamSense system yet, and you'll want to ask your manager to have you added. We're working on a way for you to sign up directly, so stay tuned!


How do I update my information in TeamSense?

Employee records in TeamSense are usually generated from your employer's HR records. If your name or contact info or other preferences don't seem right, ask your HR team if they can update it for you. We are working on enabling you to update your record directly, so sit tight!


What if I don't have a smartphone?

No problem! We totally understand. There are ways to access TeamSense using email instead of text - talk to your HR team about getting this set up for you.