Making a Form

As of November 2022, all customers get a basic absence and "Mark Yourself Safe" emergency form. However, what if you need a custom form for your employees? We have a process that makes it easy for you to have a form created that will best fit your needs!


Creating a Form

When you want to update or create a customer form, there are a few different ways to accomplish this. The following method is the most straightforward.

Create a Word Doc

This is by far the easiest method of turning your idea into a custom form for your employees to use. A word doc (or any document detailing the "steps" of your form) would give us everything we need to build the form for you.
When creating a form, make sure to let us know which questions/answers lead to the next. This way, we can make sure the flow is exactly like you are expecting.
If you would like some examples, you can check out the following templates: Sample Carpool Form & Sample Absence Form.

Talk with TeamSense

If you are working through your ideas and need some help putting them all together, you can contact us and we can help get bring your ideas into fruition. This can definitely help if you are not sure on what all can be included in a form in TeamSense.
Whichever way you choose, if you are wanting the answers to trigger something on the Dashboard as an employee status be sure to let us know so we can get that set up for you!

Types of Forms Available

Within TeamSense, there are different kinds of forms available for you to utilize. Check out the different types and what they can be used for below.
  • Call-Off: Call-off forms are used to submit absence and PTO requests within TeamSense. These are best used for attendance-specific forms. By default, all customers get a default absence form that they can make changes to.
  • Feedback: Feedback forms can be utilized to gather information and opinions from your employees. A good example of a feedback survey would be a form gathering how employees feel about a new benefits package.
  • Exit: Exit forms are used to get information from employees as they are leaving the company. This can help gather information on why an employee is leaving, etc.
  • Entry: Entry forms are used to get information from employees as they are coming into the company, or to give information to those employees.
  • Emergency: Emergency forms can be used to gather information in different states of emergency. By default, each customer gets a "Mark Yourself Safe" form where an employee can specify if they are safe or in danger in times of emergency.
  • PTO: PTO forms are used to gather information regarding PTO requests. If you need a form that is specific for PTO, this type would be the best option.
  • Safety Incident Report: A safety incident report form can be used to help employees document near misses or other incidents directly from their own devices.
  • Pulse: Pulse forms can be utilized to get opinions from your employees on how they think the business is doing. This can be especially helpful if you are wanting to get more insight on how the employees see current operations.


Tip: You are not limited to the types of forms listed above, we can also create custom forms! To get started, email us at!