We wanted to keep it really simple when it comes to using the TeamSense Portal. For that reason, the only thing that an employee has to do is text in a single keyword to get started!

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Using the TeamSense Portal

What is the TeamSense Portal? The portal is where your organization can store links to important information, such as events and benefits information. When you access the portal, you will see a list of different links that you can utilize that was set up by your organization.

Accessing the Portal

Accessing the portal is as easy as sending a text! Just text the keyword "TeamSense" to your organization's TeamSense number. You'll receive a link right after that allows you to access the TeamSense Portal.

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Once you click the link, you're in the portal!

Inside the Portal

Inside the portal you will find two different pages. The first one you arrive on will contain all of the links that your organization has set up.

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If you are looking for information that your company has set up as a portal link, all you have to do is find it and click! It's that simple!

The second page contains all of the forms for your organization that you have access to. These can include absence forms, pulse surveys, and emergency forms. The tabs at the top help you navigate between the two pages.

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If you need to fill out a form, just choose the form you would like to complete from this list. Once it is completed, your response will be sent to your organization!


Tip: The TeamSense Portal can be used to hold links to insurance information, retirement benefits, and much more! It is also a way for you to access forms!