Securing Your TeamSense Account

Online security is very important, and learning how to keep your account secure can help reduce the risk of an employee's data being accessed without authorization. Check out the article below on how to secure your TeamSense account!

In this Article:
Securing Your Password
When Should I Immediately Change My Password?
What Are Other Ways to Secure my account?

Securing Your Password

Your password is the first and strongest layer of security when it comes to keeping your account safe. There are a few steps you can do to make sure that increase the safety of your account.
Choose a strong password. This means you should use a password that is extremely hard to guess. There are many tools online that help generate safe passwords, even though they may be a little hard to remember. An example of such tools is the Norton Password Generator, but there are plenty online that can help you come up with a randomized password. You can also come up with your own password, just remember to make it strong (a long password is more secure than a short one, and using common words can also make it easy to guess!).
If you are worried about trying to remember a randomized password, use a password manager such as those built into your browser, 1Password, or Dashlane. These can help you retain a strong password, without the need of having to remember it directly.
Change your password regularly. Pick a good interval, every 90 days is a good rule of thumb for changing your password. The key point to take here is to change your password roughly 3 to 4 times a year so not only is it hard to guess your single password, it is harder to guess since you are changing your password regularly.

When Should I Immediately Change My Password?

There are some situations where it is important that you change your password immediately. In these cases, it is usually because of the threat of data being stolen.
A data breach may have occurred, if a data breach happens within your organization or if your account was hacked your password may no longer be secure and you should change it immediately to safeguard your account and the information within it.
You had a computer virus. Some viruses contain keyloggers, which can record what you are typing at any time. If you find that your computer has a virus, you should immediately change your password on a safe device and get your device professionally repaired before using it again.
Someone watched you enter your password. Sometimes this does happen. If you notice that someone has watched you enter your password, then it is time for a password change to keep your account secure!

What Are Other Ways to Secure my Account?

Keeping your account secure is extremely important, and the main point is to always make sure you are safely accessing your account. That will drastically help reduce any chance that someone can gain access to your account. Some other ways to keep your account secure are below:
  • Don't leave your account signed in and walk away from your computer
  • Don't use a shared computer to access your account
  • Always lock your computer when not in use
  • Don't write down your password (someone may find it!)


Tip: If you have any questions regarding how to secure your TeamSense account, you can reach out to our awesome support team at!