Text Keywords

When you need to text into TeamSense, you can text one of the keywords listed in this article to find what you're looking for, or you can use any word related to it. Our system will usually be able to understand what you're searching for. TeamSense supports many languages, so if you or an employee texts a keyword in their primary language that is not English, our system will still understand.

Requesting an Absence Form

To request an Absence Form, you can text things like:
- tardy                 
- out
- call off
- absence
- absent
- late
- sick
- time off

Did you know: Try using "May the force be with you" when you text in!


Emergency Form Keywords

Emergency forms are usually used in a "mark yourself safe" situation where there could be a possible danger at a job site. These keywords can be used to request one of these forms:
- In danger
- Emergency
- Safe

Exit Survey Keywords

Exit surveys are used to get a last piece of feedback from an employee before they leave the organization. You can request one of these forms using the keyword:
- Exit

Feedback Survey Keywords

Feedback surveys are a great way to get feedback from your employees, and they can use the following keyword to request a feedback form:
- Feedback

Pulse Survey Keywords

A pulse survey can be used to get more information on how an organization is doing from the eyes of the employees. The keywords below can be used to request a pulse survey:
- Pulse

Safety Incident Report Keywords

Safety incident reports make it easy for employees to submit a "near-miss" or a safety incident just by texting in one of the keywords below:
- Safety incident
- Near miss 


Tip: Did you know you can set up custom keywords? As an admin, you can contact the TeamSense Support Team at Support@TeamSense.com to get started!