We offer a couple of different ways to categorize and work with companies within TeamSense using Divisions and Groups.


A Division is an internal segment of a company, not a separate entity. They're usually used to differentiate different regions that your company may be based. For example, you may work for a company that has locations in NYC and Atlanta, but you are in their NYC Division. Another major benefit to Divisions is allowing Division Admins, giving them a full Admin view of TeamSense but only for those employees in their Division. An employee can only be in one Division


A group is defined as a group within a company, which can also be within a division. Oftentimes these groups are named after departments to identify 'groups' of employees within each department. For example some common group names; Office, Accounting, Customer Service, Warehouse, Shipping, and Purchasing. Groups can be as unique as you want. One way this is done is by separating groups with divisions/locations, such as Warehouse - NYC or Sales - Atlanta. An employee can be in as many groups as you'd like!