What Does It Mean if My Communicate Message Violates TeamSense Terms?

Text messaging is regulated in the United States and Canada in order to protect individuals from unwanted messaging like spam, fraud, abuse, or illegal activity. As a result, applications (like TeamSense) are forbidden from sending text messages with content that may be illegal or suspect. If you are attempting to send a message via TeamSense Communicate and see an error that the message "violates our terms," it means your message could not be sent due to content that is forbidden by regulators and/or cell carriers.

Examples of content that are forbidden by regulators and/or cell carriers include (but are not limited to):

  • Potential scams, such as messages about high-risk financial services like payday loans or cryptocurrency, or "get rich quick" schemes
  • Messages regarding debt collection or credit repair
  • Messages related to gambling
  • Messages discussing activities illegal by federal law, including illegal drug use (*Note this includes references to cannabis, which is federally illegal in the United States)
  • Messages related to hate speech, firearms, sex, tobacco, or alcohol
  • Messages containing shortened links from services like bit.ly or TinyURL.
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