What is TeamSense?

Can TeamSense help with your attendance tracking and employee feedback needs? Of course! But what is TeamSense? TeamSense is more than just an attendance tracker!

What is TeamSense?

TeamSense was built for the hourly worker. We give the employees an extremely easy and straightforward way to communicate with their company without all of the technical barriers that most applications have. Not only does this cut back on lost time, but it also creates a more engaging environment for employees.
It's not just the hourly workforce that benefits from TeamSense, the HR team will too! The attendance tracking capabilities of TeamSense give you the power to see who is sick, using PTO, etc. so you know exactly how many employees to expect to be at work on any given day!
So what is TeamSense? TeamSense is a tool that employees and management can utilize to not only understand attendance needs, but to also get valuable feedback from and engage with employees!

Removing Tech Barriers

TeamSense was built with everyone in mind, and that includes those who are not as tech-savvy as others. Using TeamSense is as easy as sending a text message, so anyone with a mobile phone will be able to pick up and start using TeamSense immediately!


Tip: If you have any questions, or just want some more information, you can reach out to our awesome Support Team at Support@TeamSense.com!