I'm not receiving texts from TeamSense

If you are an employee, you may want to reach out to your manager, team lead, or HR representative for assistance.

If an employee is not receiving text messages from TeamSense

1. There are a few reasons an individual might not receive texts from TeamSense. Start by checking the following:

  • Is the employee's mobile number in TeamSense correct? Use the admin dashboard to double-check the employee's phone number.
  • Did the employee have their phone on and have a network connection when the message was sent?

2. If the employee's mobile number and connection look good, it's possible the individual's carrier is blocking TeamSense messages as spam. The employee can try texting Start to the typical TeamSense number used by your company. If that doesn't improve text delivery, find out the individual's cell carrier and contact TeamSense Support so we can help!

3. In the meantime, if an employee needs to access a form, there are a few things you can try:

  • The employee can try using go.teamsense.com to send themselves a menu of forms available to them in TeamSense
  • The employee can try texting an SMS keyword to their company's TeamSense number.
  • An admin can update the employee's notification preference in the admin dashboard to include email so the employee can receive messages via email while we troubleshoot text issues!


If an employee loses or misplaces their phone

If the employee lost/misplaced phone and they typically get surveys via SMS, there are two options.

1. Through the admin dashboard you can update the employee's notification preference and enter an email for them to receive TeamSense messages via email.

2. If your company uses TeamSense for COVID-19 symptom screening and you are using screener functionality, you can have a screener enter data on behalf of the employee.  This can be done by following the steps in the following article: Enter Responses on Behalf of Employees

If neither of these options works, please contact TeamSense Support and our team will be happy to assist you!