TeamSense Admin Dashboard Overview

As a company Administrator, you have access to the TeamSense Administrator portal, which enables you to keep tabs on employee statuses and manage all your information in one place.

Welcome to TeamSense!

We are excited to work with you to help keep your organization safe, connected, and productive.

From the Administrative portal, you can do things like:

  • See a dashboard summarizing the status of your organization.
  • See a filterable list of employees and their statuses.
  • Edit employee status, including scheduling time off.
  • Send forms or messages to employees.
  • Edit links for your company portal.

1. Dashboard home

This is what you'll see when you first access your Dashboard. Here is an overview of the day's statuses and trends over the last three weeks.


2. Attendance

This provides a more detailed view of the statuses for the day and shows you the responses from any forms that were submitted for the day you're viewing. See the following for more information:


3. Employees

A roster of your employees, allowing you to change information or statuses for them. See the following for more information:


4. Forms

See what forms are available to your company, or send one out to select employees. See the articles for more information:



5. Communicate

Send messages to your employees. See the following for more information:

Send a Message to Employees



6. Portal

Add links for your employees to access. See the following for more information:

Introduction to the TeamSense Portal